When True Blood got stupid

Losing your virginity to a vampire: so not cool.

TRUEMy venture to watch through season one of True Blood – which was going very well, actually – hit an obstacle, on Saturday. I watched (SPOILER ALERT!) Sookie attend the funeral of her grandmother, then proceed to lose her virginity to Bill Compton, the sexy vampire.

It was ridiculous. She pulls on a white gown, and, in the midst of a furiously ‘erotic’ montage sequence, she does the deed with the handsome undead chap. I’m not even sure of what it is I just watched – the sequence is so ridiculously OTT, I don’t know whether to recoil in horror or laugh.

It’s such a tonal mismatch to the less serious, preceding episodes, but after speaking to others who have watched the series, it sounds like the kind of creative mismatch that the show has become renowned for.

A shame, because I genuinely was enchanted by the show, up until this point. Perhaps I should stick with it?