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What to buy The Walking Dead fan for Christmas

Walking Dead Heads will be dying to get their hands on these gifts

knittingKnit Your Own Zombie £9.99

We were sold at the tag-line “Easy to make and even easier to dismember”. This book tells you how to make guts, gore, brains and a number of other accessories and characters. If you can’t knit, why not give it to your gran for Christmas as a refreshing change from itchy jumpers and scarves.

decanterZombie Head Decanter £19.99

This would be the ideal conversation piece for any party that had great guests in attendance. It holds over a litre of drink and comes with a sturdy cork stopper to stop your poison of choice from sloshing out. When you think about it, the zombie condition (slurred words, shuffling feet and an unquenchable thirst) is spookily similar to a hangover.

bookZombies Hate Stuff £6.99

Illustrator Greg Stones understands the depression and anger that comes with being undead and hungry all the time. We can sympathise… when the office biscuit tin is empty, all hell breaks loose. In this book, it’s clear that zombies hate everything from civil war re-enactors to unicorns. They still love you, though.


Official Walking Dead ‘Sorry Brother’ Adult White T-Shirt £14.78 – £17.15

Any Walking Dead Head worth their salt needs to have this t-shirt hanging in their wardrobe. Proudly show your love for Daryl Dixon and let the show’s writers know they can’t lay one rotten finger on the squirrel slayer. It’s designed for men, but there’s no stopping female fans from wearing it as a nighty and taking Daryl to bed. For protection from the undead and stuff.


The Walking Dead Monopoly £37.99

Wheel and deal your way through the apocalypse in this Walking Dead themed Monopoly game. Instead of money, you win supplies, and houses become walls, hotels are guard towers and income tax has been replaced with a much scarier prospect – a herd! We’re not sure why it says ‘Go To Jail’ though. Everyone knows it’s the prison that they lived in.

cuttersZombie Cookie Cutters £9.99

Walkers are always eating our flesh, so why don’t we turn the tables and feast on theirs instead. With these three cookie cutters they can taste of yummy ginger bread or chocolate chip, enabling you to take sweet revenge on any cadaver that ever took a chunk out of your favourite character on The Walking Dead. T-Dog will be avenged!