Warner to stop shipping Harry Potter DVDs and Blu-rays from 29 December

$12.1 billion later, Potter will vanish from store shelves

Warner Bros will stop shipping Harry Potter DVDs and Blu-rays to retailers from the 29th of December, the company announced yesterday in a press release. This will include shelving all new releases of the Potter films, including the complete collection sets and The Deathly Hallows Part 2, presumably becoming available again for limited periods in future, in the way that Disney distributes its hefty back catalogue of animated classics.

Basically, this means that any fans should buy the sets before then, or run the risk (?) of not taking home the complete Potter saga. Note that the films will still be available from on-demand services.

Still, keep in mind that right now the complete DVD set can be preordered for just north of £25 at most online retailers – that comes to roughly £3 a film. It’s not an ideal scenario, though, is it?