V returns tonight on Syfy UK, we chat to The Lizard Man

Also, a launch trailer for tonight’s season two debut.

With V returning tonight on Syfy UK with its second season and lizard-esque aliens, we were offered a chance to speak to Erik Sprague, aka The Lizard Man. Here’s what he had to say.

When and why did you decide to become a lizard?
I first had the idea of transforming my body via modification as an art piece around 1990 and over the next few years worked on choosing a design theme, by 1993 I had decided upon the reptilian scheme and began to get tattooed. I was also massively inspired by the first season of ‘V’ as a child and thought the lizards in the series were incredible.

How close are you to completing your transition into becoming a lizard? Is there anything you want to try that hasn’t yet been attempted by medical professionals?
I am, with 100 hours of tattooing, basically complete. In terms of something beyond our current medical capacities, I’ve often thought a tail might be nice.

Is it difficult to live with the split tongue?
Not at all, if anything it makes life more fun.

How were your scales created?
They are tattoos like any other. I am now in the process of getting all the outlines coloured in.

What do you think of the lizard-like aliens in V? Do they impress you?

I am very impressed by them, the original series was huge for me as a kid and influenced my designs. The new version has only improved upon the concept, the special effects in the second series are incredible.

V – Season 2 will be aired on channel Syfy on Thursday at 9pm from 24th March 2011. That’s tonight!