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Twin Peaks Season 3 is coming, it’s true!

Creator David Lynch tweeted about #damngoodcoffee and fans went insane

Actual picture of a fan who just heard the news
Actual picture of a fan who just heard about the news

It’s been 23 years since its last season but Twin Peaks is finally making a return.

Lovers of damn fine coffee everywhere will be delighted to hear that the new season is due to air on Showtime in 2016. It will consist of nine episodes written by series creators Mark Frost and David Lynch, with the latter planning to direct all nine episodes.

Much of the original cast is also expected to return, with Showtime already confirming that Kyle MacLachlan will be starring as former Special Agent Dale Cooper.

Rumours about the show’s return had been circulating after Lynch tweeted this little teaser, but today he confirmed that Twin Peaks would indeed be revived with a link to this video:

Frankly we couldn’t be more excited by this – finally, a chance to see the cast of one of the most iconic genre-friendly shows of all time make their return. The amount of questions are endless: Is BOB still possessing Agent Cooper? Who survived the bank explosion? Does Laura Palmer have any more long-lost cousins? We can’t wait to find out…

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