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True Blood Season 5 Trailer

True Blood season 5 trailer reveals some exciting developments… Beware season 4 spoilers

The True Blood season 5 trailer reveals snippets of another drama-packed year in Bon Temps. Here’s what we learned…

Burying the evidence

Sookie is burying what we can only assume is a body with a mystery man in sweat pants and a hoody… could it be Alcide Hervaux who’s pegged for a bigger role this season? He does like to work out…. And who’s the corpse? It could be Debbie, who Sookie shot in self-defence last season, or Tara who was shot getting in the way of Debbie’s bullet.

The girl’s a vamp

Jessica has well and truly strayed to the dark side with no Hoyt or even Jason in sight. She’s shown with a new human her, pulling a look of seduction. The narrative overlay mentions that humans were made to nourish the flesh of the vampires….

Eric hots things up

Who is this fang banger that Eric has pulled into a sizzling clinch right in front of a roaring fire? Now that Sookie has turned down both Bill and Eric, odds are that it’s not our favourite southern belle.

More blood will be splattered

“For as the beetle nourishes the lark, so shall human nourish vampire” says the creepy narrative, just as an unfortunate victim paints the walls with their blood.

Jason vs Steve

One of the best cliffhangers of last season was Steve Newlin arriving at Jason’s door, looking very happy as he bared his fangs. This clip shows him making a play for Jason’s jugular, but someone will surely save him. Won’t they?

Bon Temps goes BOOM

Things look pretty dire for everyone in town as the clip-tease climaxes with  Sookie doing what she does so well – screaming – before cutting to a shot of a car exploding.

True Blood returns to the US in June.