True Blood season 5 secrets

No more nice Alcide in True Blood season 5

The residents of Bon Temps are back to film season five of True Blood where actor Joe Manganiello (Alcide) is set to have a much bigger role. “As you saw at the end of Season 4, he’s not taking anyone’s s— anymore,” he told TVLine. “Now you’re going to see an Alcide who’s going to slam you up against the wall and do his thing. Who doesn’t like being slammed up against the wall, right?”When asked what kind of ‘slam’ he was referring to, Manganiello replied, “It could be a fun slam. And it could be an angry slam. You never know? Alcide is single.”

Denis O’Hare is also set to return as the vampire King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington. The actor has currently been keeping busy on FX’s American Horror Story but has spoken exclusively with SciFiNow, revealing “I had a meeting with Alan Ball last week, and they have devised an amazing trick to allow me to be present, but not fully acting.” Let the speculation commence!

True Blood Season 4 airs in the UK on February 10th 2012 on FX.