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Top 5 ways Caprica could be improved

Caprica Season One returns to Syfy in January 2011. Here’s how the BSG spin-off could step up its game.

Battlestar Galactica spin-off Caprica returns to Syfy in January 2011 for the second half of its first season. During the first nine episodes of its run, the show attained low ratings but a decent amount of critical acclaim – now, with its comeback not exactly imminent but, well, announced, here are five changes we think the producers should implement to ensure the spin-off makes its mark this time around:

James marsters caprica

1. More James Marsters

Barnabas Greeley is Caprica’s most exciting character, right now. Without his camp shtick in Torchwood, British schtick in the Whedonverse or villain shtick in Smallville, Marsters has proven to be an endearingly unpredictable villain. Greeley is the greatest proof Caprica will move in the right direction. Make Marsters a regular.