Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil premieres tonight on Syfy

Watch a preview of tonight’s premiere of Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil. Actor Jason Mewes tells us what to expect…

Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil premieres tonight on Syfy at 10pm, but what is it all about? The titular book is loose in Crowley High and grants the reader a wish, which inevitably goes horribly wrong. A horny teenager called Todd is this high school’s warped version of Buffy, saving the students from evil and the end of the world.

We caught up with Jason Mewes of Jay And Silent Bob fame, who plays Jimmy the Janitor (a sort of Giles figure to Todd). “I like to explain it as like Degrassi or 90210 meets Tales from the Crypt,” he told us; “it’s about kids in high school, so they latch onto the different insecurities and things that high school kids have to go through. There’s this book that goes around and will grant the wish of a high school kid, but there’s always consequences. As the show goes on, it explains more and more there’s more backstory to the actual characters and why the book’s there and what the book’s about, and the second season even more so.”

To get a taster of episode one, check out the clip below.