The Walking Dead: my TV pick for this year

Well, that and Fringe Season 3, obviously.

I’m not a huge zombie fan – that is, like vampires or any other horror staple, the idea alone is not enough for me to commit to watching/reading something. Don’t get me wrong, I believe zombies as a theme has generated many fine pieces of work; on that token, though, there are plenty of movies that fail to do anything clever with the subject matter at all.

Robert Kirkman’s comic book series The Walking Dead is a smarter take on zombies, using them as a backdrop to three-dimensional characterisation and human drama. Based on the footage released so far of the Frank Darabont-produced AMC adaptation, it looks like those qualities have made the leap to the small screen, complete with some of the best production values seen on TV in recent years. It’s an all-out TV event – I spoke to a representative for the UK’s FX Channel yesterday, which is airing the series in the UK, and the fact that it’s a huge deal internationally (it’s launching almost simultaneously worldwide) has me excited that the show’s going to make a huge splash with audiences. I really hope it’s as good as the footage, talent and art direction would suggest.

Oh, and Bear McCreary’s doing the music. We all know he’s a genius.

Now I kinda hope someone adapts Robert Kirkman’s (very different) superhero series Invincible for TV, as well. The Walking Dead starts in the US on 31 October on AMC.