The True Blood diaries: an introduction

Let’s talk about True Blood every week.

true_blooI started watching True Blood during a recent week off, and, even though I’m now only four episodes into the HBO vampire drama (or should that be dramedy?), I’m locked in for the near future.

Why? Well, it’s because True Blood is debauched – and proud of it. Although vampires as a fictional theme rarely does anything to enchant me (other than everything by Joss Whedon), this show has drawn me in because it doesn’t take anything too seriously. Alright, you’ve got people being beaten nearly to death, sexual favours for vials of blood and rabid vampire prejudice, but in spite of that the show is still about 70 per cent comedy, 30 per cent drama.

Either that, or I’m missing the point. The second season came into our office last week – I’ll keep watching it and try to offer some intriguing thoughts on the show as I go. I’ll try and do this every Wednesday, so check back!

Unless it gets terrible, in which case I’ll stop talking about it and just never explain.