Heroes, FlashForward cancelled – what next?

Cancellations. Aww.

FORWARD!So, Heroes and FlashForward are gone, but not forgotten. Well, not yet. Lost is ending. A lot of the genre shows we associate with having grand, sweeping arcs are coming off the air, while the networks greenlight more week-to-week standalone fare like Summer Glau drama The Cape, or JJ Abrams’ sadly-not-in-our-remit The Undercovers.

It’s fine, since networks have to react to the changing viewing habits of its audience (even Lost’s viewership has been diminishing rather quickly over the past two seasons), but fans of these types of shows will have to acknowledge that this represents something of a sea change in what you can expect from TV over the next few years.

For those serial dramas that are left – Caprica, SGU, V – let’s hope they can stay watchable to a wider audience. Serialised TV drama will rise again, but to get to that point, networks need to stabilise the shows they do have. The quality also needs to be a little higher than it has been of late. As well-produced as Heroes was…the creative potential for a show with that concept and budget was sky-high, but never capitalised on. Let’s hope the next time a sci-fi show gets to that buzzworthy position, it can stay there.