The Clone Wars: how involved is George Lucas with the show now?

We ask Lucasfilm’s Dave Filoni.

The Clone Wars successfully conveys all the themes and ideas we associate with Star Wars – and this upcoming fourth year will apparently demonstrate this better than any other. According to the show’s supervising producer, Dave Filoni, George Lucas is still absolutely crucial to the production of the show. “He has really taken the stance of a teacher – a Jedi Master, if you will – to make sure that as I make these episodes, that I do them in the way that he oversaw and created the Star Wars films,” Filoni tells us. “It’s important to him that they fit nicely with his movies, but I think one of the things I’m most proud of with our crew is that we’ve been able to really surprise him at times with what we’re capable of and impress him. It’s no easy feat to impress the person that created this universe of Star Wars.

“It’s what we shoot for, we don’t do anything half-way, we go all the way, and when he sits down to watch an episode I can tell he really enjoys it. So I think he’s having a great time. It allows him to be very free with his creativity. He’s been a great collaborator with us the whole time, in guiding the show to be Star Wars. At the end of the day, I always tell people, if I’ve ever got a question on how things should go with the plot, or how a character would behave, I’m one of the few people who just get on the phone, call him up on the phone and go, ‘hey, would Obi-Wan really do this?’ It helps to have a definite answer of yes or no from the master himself.”

Season 4 of The Clone Wars airs from this Friday on Cartoon Network in the US.