The best season of Lost was…

Go on. Guess!

103356_D_0087Season two. While I found the first season of Lost to be a little too languid in pacing and the others raised far too many questions that were awkwardly answered, the second season was nothing short of a thrill ride. Now that the show has ended, we have the benefit of hindsight and, honestly, I think the second season comes out on top.

After introducing a number of key characters from the rear end of the plane in the excellent ‘The Other 48 Days’, the show becomes darker and darker, shedding light on the mysterious ‘Others’, who, if you remember, were a creepy and unknown quantity at the time.

That’s when I remember enjoying the show the most. Aside from its one major blemish – the killing of Ana Lucia and Libby by Michael, which was nonsense – season two showed the writers at their most sensible. The mythology of the show was in check, the storytelling was tight and my sense of intrigue was piqued.

While the arcs may have been a little flabbier in the show’s 22-episode format, it did have the benefit of having no characters being pushed down a well of light, only to emerge as the smoke monster. That’s right – I’m never letting that go.

Anyway, now that you’re done with the show, check out the second season once more and you’ll see what I mean.