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The best music from BSG

Bear McCreary’s five best tracks from Battlestar.

battlestar-galacticaFor me, the legacy of Battlestar Galactica won’t be in its storytelling, fine casting or visual imagery, but rather the brilliant score of composer Bear McCreary. McCreary, whose work has almost become the defining quality of any project he works on, is currently composing for BSG spin-off Caprica and Fox series Human Target. I am of the firm belief that he will eventually be in as high demand as John Williams or Danny Elfman – he’s just that good.

His work spans a myriad of musical styles, but I suppose he’s most closely associated with African percussion, through his work on Battlestar. These, I believe, are the five best tracks he worked on for BSG (they also happen to be five of the most-listened to tracks on my iPod):

5. Kara Remembers – Season 4 OST

4. Battlestar Sonatica – Season 3 OST

3. Passacaglia/The Shape of Things To Come – Season 1 OST

2. All Along The Watchtower – Season 3 OST


1. Something Dark Is Coming – Season 2 OST

All of Battlestar Galactica’s five soundtracks can be bought on Amazon.co.uk.