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Star Wars: When does being a fan become unhealthy?

Sometimes, it just gets out of hand.

I recently developed something of a fascination with the game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. Considered disappointing by most, due mainly to its five-hour length, poor storyline, repeated environments and lame use of cameo appearances (check out Yoda and Boba Fett – that’s the most they appear in the whole campaign!), I can’t justifiably explain why I’ve completed it three times in the past two months. What the hell happened to my sensibilities as a human being? Logic flew out the window while I mowed my way through an army of Jedi clones, which Vader was apparently putting together between Episodes III and IV. It’s like something out of Chuck Austen’s X-Men.

Anyway, it made me miss my train and I became part of the problem – and I wonder how many other Star Wars fans have done the same thing in their own obsessed way, whether through collecting merchandise, owning the movies on multiple formats or even spotting film-making errors.

On a serious note, I was persisting with The Force Unleashed II because I like Star Wars and the mechanics are pretty fun. If it were any other average videogame, I very much doubt I would have bothered; so, to what extent are we too tolerant as fans? What counts as too far?