Star Wars Blu-ray announcement is…alright

May the Fourth be with you…oh, forget it. You’ve heard all the Star Wars jokes.

Hyped for a massive reveal today, on May 4th (also known as Star Wars day), Lucasfilm unveiled more details on the Blu-ray releases of the six movies coming in September. The nine-disc set will arrive on 12 September in the UK and 16 September in the US. New features include an 84-minute documentary called Star Warriors, a collection of spoofs on the films from various sources and two discs of rare archive content. More information will be revealed as it’s shared around the web. Still, I reckon that even if we don’t share it, they’ll still tell us. More details are on

That’s it. They didn’t replace Darth Vader’s voice with that of Kevin Costner, or anything. Looking forward to Star Wars on Blu-ray? Sound off!