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Spike or Angel? Sarah Michelle Gellar reveals who she prefers

Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar on her favourite episodes and what Spike’s hair felt like

David+Boreanaz+as+Angel+and+Sarah+Michelle+Gellar+as+Buffy+Season+2+Episode+13+Surprise+4Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar has been reflecting on her time as the world’s greatest vampire slayer and revealed what she really thought of the show, including her favourite episodes, what James Marsters (Spike)’s hair actually felt like, and the answer to that all-important question: Spike or Angel?

Without hesitation, Gellar replied on Reddit: “ANGEL”.

This may be a blow to the Spikettes, but for those who caught the blooper in the Angel episode ‘I Will Remember You’, her preference for Mr. Tall, Dark and Forehead will be no surprise. Listen closely at the 2mins36secs mark in the video below, and you’ll hear Angel say “It’s okay, Sarah,” instead of calling her by her character name. According to legend, Gellar was so invested in Buffy and Angel’s relationship that she was genuinely sobbing during filming and Boreanaz slipped up and comforted her.

And as for those other burning questions, here’s some of the best snippets from the interview:

What did James Marsters’ hair feel like?

SMG: Ha! Well at the time on Buffy, over-processed. As any woman knows what it’s like.

What was your favourite Buffy episode to work on?

  • My first one is The Prom because I just love that whole story, and I thought it just encapsulated the show so well. It was beautiful and heartbreaking.
  • I also love Hush because I think it’s not just the scariest episode we’ve ever done but the challenge to do a silent episode – I thought it would be easy but it was way harder.
  • And the other favorite I love is The Body, because it was beyond difficult and heart wrenching to shoot, and I don’t know if many people know this, but my entire first scene was all done in one take. It was 4-5 minutes of one long take.

What is your favourite pizza?

SMG: Mushroom! With extra cheese. Thin crust. New York style.

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