Slasher Cinema – Documented

Watch the trailer for an upcoming slasher documentary here

SciFiNow’s horror reporter Calum Waddell has produced an irreverent and fun look at slasher cinema with his upcoming documentary. Here’s the trailer for Slice And Dice:

Interviewees include: J.S. Cardone, director of THE SLAYER and writer/producer of the STEPFATHER and PROM NIGHT remakes; Corey Feldman, who killed Jason in FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE FINAL CHAPTER; Scott Spiegel of HOSTEL and INTRUDER fame; legendary Brit director Norman J. Warren; FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE NEW BLOOD’s John Carl Buechler; and such recent genre kingpins as Patrick Lussier, who edited the SCREAM movies and directed MY BLOODY VALENTINE and DRIVE ANGRY, Adam Green of HATCHET, Dave Parker of THE HILLS RUN RED and Chris Smith of TRIANGLE and SEVERANCE.

It is split into six sections: how to survive a slasher movie, the genesis of the form, creating a great slasher maniac, the secret of a good gore gag, the final girl and, finally, why the slasher movie is still with us – as unkillable as Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers are onscreen!