Scott Pilgrim bob-ombs next to The Expendables

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World falters in the US; wide international release still to come.

According to, Edgar Wright’s adaptation Scott Pilgrim Vs The World took in a weak $10.5 million, not a tremendous portion of its $60 million budget. It was trounced by the balls-to-the-wall action meltdown that is Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables, which raked in $35 million, and couldn’t even creep past Christopher Nolan’s Inception in its fifth week.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting Scott Pilgrim to do massive numbers – it’s not that the movie is bad, it’s just targeted at a specific part of a youth audience and basically nobody else. It’s polarised critics, as well, which probably hasn’t helped it along the way.

Of course, bad reviews didn’t stop The Expendables from sucking in the cash. I guess it helps when you have Stallone, Statham, Li, Rourke and Willis in the same movie.