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Painkiller Jane movie is “The Heat on crack!” say Soskas

The Soska Sisters promise Painkiller Jane movie will have “the hardest R-rating you’ve ever seen”

Painkiller JaneWe were absolutely thrilled when it was announced that Jen and Sylvia Soska, the directors of American Mary, Dead Hooker In A Trunk and See No Evil 2, would be the ones to bring comic book badass Jane Vasko, aka Painkiller Jane, to the big screen.

When we spoke to the Twisted Twins, they told us that their passion for the character , the unkillable police officer turned vigilante created by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti, more than matched our own.

“Well Jen and I are comic book fans, we’ve been reading comic books since we were little little girls,” Sylvia told us. “And it’s always been the dream even before we knew that we would go into directing and writing and working in film we wanted to be a part of a superhero movie. And a friend Ken Levin introduced us to Jimmy [Palmiotti] and Amanda [Conner] and we were just talking about scripts and movies and different projects and he talked about Painkiller Jane and I was like ‘Oh my God, can I read that script?!?’ and he was like ‘Yeah, sure girls, go ahead!’

“And we read it and it is one of the best scripts I have ever read in my life. And she is such a phenomenal character. It’s like The Heat on crack with the hardest R rating you have ever seen that has so much horror and violence but somehow manages to have humour and heart throughout of it. And as soon as Jen and I were done reading the script, I was like ‘I would kill someone to pick you to make this movie I so wanna be involved with it.’

Painkiller_Jane_1Luckily for us, Palmiotti was more than happy for the Twisted Twins to be the ones to bring his vision to life.

“And thank god, it was an miracle that we actually got onto it,” enthuses Sylvia. “Jimmy picked us because he knows how fucking insanely loyal we are to the original character and what fangirls we are so it was really important to us to keep her as Jane off the pages and not water her down or change her in any way. I think it’s absolutely insane that they don’t put that much effort into female driven superhero films, like the Catwoman movie, everyone said ‘Oh it failed because nobody wants to see a female…no no no it’s all because it just wasn’t a very good film and Jane is everything you want to see in a superhero movie with a female lead and then some.”

The Soska Sisters plotting carnage on the set of See No Evil 2
The Soska Sisters plotting carnage on the set of See No Evil 2

Indeed, the Soskas tell us that anyone who has their eye on playing Jane had better be prepared to put on some muscle, as Jane is a character who can and will wipe the floor with you.

“I mean, she’s such a real amazing character,” enthuses Sylvia. “She’s flawed but she’s determined, she has her own set of morals, she’s a lot like Wolverine in that way. And she’s badass. She’s a superhero in her own right way before she gets her powers. And right now we’re having a few very amazing actresses reading the script for Jane because the whole movie depends on Jane and it’s not going to be just some little waify girl that’s just like ‘Oh, I’m going to have super strength when I punch a guy!’ This chick’s going to have a six pack, she’s gotta have such a body on her and such an attitude that if you were to tap her in a bar, and spill her beer you would run and buy her a fucking keg you were so terrified she was going to whup your ass.”

“Oh absolutely,” adds Jen. “Just like Chris Pratt and Ryan Reynolds had to beef up for their roles I don’t know why we don’t expect the same of females playing superheroes or strong characters so that is definitely going to be a huge part for the character.”

Bring it on.

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