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NowGamer 2.0 has arrived

Revamped videogames supersite is now live.

The all-new NowGamer.com has launched, loaded with new features that bring the huge videogames website to a new level. Complete with new means of interaction, improved visuals and a spread of new content. It’s the best place to catch up on your favourite sci-fi videogames, whether it’s Halo or Star Wars or World Of Warcraft, NowGamer covers a broad range of tastes.

The site has a focus on HD content, too, with HD images and video available throughout the site. Along with a new Social Hub feature that takes you straight to the site’s content on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, it’s been designed with every kind of gamer in mind.

All the core features NowGamer is built on returns, with numerous visual improvements that make every preview, review and feature better than ever.

Take part in the reader survey, too, and you could win up to £1000 worth of merchandise.

See it all now at NowGamer.com.