Nimoy’s Fringe return is ‘unusual’

Star John Noble also says a decision on Season 4 should happen in the next week or so.

Chatting to SciFiNow last week, Fringe actor John Noble teased Leonard Nimoy’s upcoming return to the drama as William Bell. “I saw his Twitter, and let me tell you, Leonard was not telling a fib. But I’m not going to tell you how he returns, because it’s really unusual,” the actor says.

Noble also hinted at the challengers facing his character, Walter Bishop, as the show moves towards its final episodes in the States. “Without giving it away, what Walter is faced with is this incredible dilemma, and as he becomes more and more lucid of this catastrophe that is happening to this and the other universe, for which he is solely responsible (or he at least thinks he’s responsible for), he goes through tremendous anxiety and grief. He appeals to God, he appeals to anyone who will listen to him. He still has these funny moments where he gets stoned and forgets about it.”

With regards to when we can expect a decision on season four, Noble had this to say: “All should be revealed within the next week or so.”

You can read the rest of the interview in issue 53 of SciFiNow, available 16/04/11.

Fringe returns to Sky1 and Sky1 HD tomorrow and runs until the end of May.