The Matrix Live: the ultimate experience of a sci-fi classic

October event at the Royal Albert Hall combines a full symphony orchestra with a screening of the Wachowski siblings’ classic.

You, like me, have probably seen The Matrix a million times. The Wachowskis’ second feature film was the first DVD I ever bought when I got my PS2 for Christmas in 2001, as it had captured my imagination when I first saw it several months earlier. It’s a peerless piece of work – so intriguing, so well-structured and insanely ambitious. Say what you like about the sequels; independent of those, The Matrix is a sublime film-making work.

I’ve never experienced anything like Matrix Live before, though, which has 100 musicians bringing the score to life in sync with the film as it screens. I was lucky enough to attend the show in Hanover recently, and the sheer feat of an orchestra recreating the music in front of you brings a dimension to the movie that is beyond explanation. We’ll have more on the show in a coming issue of SciFiNow, as well as interviews chronicling how it came together.

The Matrix Live takes place at the Royal Albert Hall on October 23rd. For more information, or to book tickets, visit or call 020 7589 8212.