Lost finishing third in its timeslot

Show struggling against other network hits.

LostSeason6OfficialPosterThe final season of Lost is facing tough competition in its Tuesday timeslot. The ABC drama, which has mere weeks to go until its end, is currently being outpaced by Fox’s American Idol and NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS.

Lost scored 8.8 million viewers according to Zap2It.com, a few million less than either show. It did, however, beat NBC and The CW’s programming in the timeslot.

I’m a little surprised – in its heyday, Lost would regularly reel in 16 million viewers a week, so I assumed a lot of them would return to see how it was all resolved. Clearly, though, the still solid ratings indicate that Lost has done a great job of maintaining its fan base over the show’s six mystery-packed and exciting seasons.

SOURCE: Nielsen via Zap2It.com