Inception will cross $700 million this week, almost double Batman Begins

Haven’t seen it yet? You must! Time is running out!

Need further proof that Christopher Nolan has practically become a brand, in and of himself? His event picture Inception will cross the $700 million mark at the box office this week, a staggering achievement that puts the picture way above the figure of Batman Begins ($372 million). At the moment, the Leonardo DiCaprio-fronted picture is at $697 million, but that’ll likely change by Friday.

It’s one of the biggest hits of the summer, but also a triumph in word-of-mouth advertising. Inception is of a rare type of blockbuster – first of all, it’s actually good, which let’s face it, is a nice contrast to all the 90-minute flicks of cliched noise churned out today, but secondly it tackles its tricky concept with an aggressive sense of realism. Still, you know that – let’s all go back to wondering if it’s (SPOILER!) a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream.