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How It Works magazine now on DVD

Fact fans will love this…

The amazing science and technology magazine from Imagine Publishing is now available on a fully-searchable disc.

How It Works has proved a smash hit with readers since its launch in 2009 and issues 1-7 of the magazine that feeds minds have been “sold out” for many months, making it almost impossible to find these sought-after and rare copies. For this reason, Imagine Publishing is pleased to announce the release of this amazing How It Works DVD that contains all the articles, features and interviews from the first twelve issues in a fully searchable, digital format.

Users can browse by issue number or search by keyword to find the information that interests them most and articles can be viewed on screen or printed out for reading later.  There’s even bonus content in the form of some great desktop images for PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad. The How It Works DVD is a great resource for anyone with a thirst for knowledge and an active interest in the world around them.

Key facts:
1,100 pages
– Every fascinating fact and answer from the first 12 issues of How It Works.
Fully searchable
– Browse by keyword or by topic.
Amazing images
– Every cutaway and illustration from the magazine.
Bonus content
– Great desktop backgrounds and wallpapers for PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Buy now from the Imagine shop for just £19.99