Hobbit eye masks and socks… nuff said

Air New Zealand celebrates a new trilogy with a mega Hobbit promotion

A SciFiNow team member sports the latest in sock-wear

Today was a fun post day as we unwrapped these Hobbit themed goodies – an eye mask and a pair of hairy-looking socks! They’re part of a big Hobbit blow-out by Air New Zealand, the official airline on Middle-earth.

It’s already unveiled the 777-300 aircraft, which has movie art work splashed all over the side, the largest ever image of its kind to grace a plane.

We’re loving these in-flight items that long haul passengers can enjoy. On the back of the package, there’s a lovely little message:

If you’re following in Hobbit footsteps, it helps to have some good Hobbit socks. Will they carry you up Middle-earth’s mistry mountains? Through deep dark mysterious caves? You’ll also need to rest your eyes so you’re refreshed at journey’s end.

The airline also teamed up with Weta Workshop to create a Hobbit-themed safety video, featuring cameos from Peter Jackson and Gollum. It will surely add to excitement of passengers making the long haul trip to where the movies were filmed. Please send tickets in the post next time, too….