Heroes apparently on the way out

We’ll try not to cry.

heroes23According to a report on Vulture, Heroes won’t be renewed for a fifth season. The NBC drama, which was once the network’s biggest hit in its 2006-07 heyday, has faded from the limelight over three increasingly tedious seasons. Vulture reports that while there may be the possibility of a TV movie/event miniseries to cap it all off, nothing is confirmed at this point.

To us, it’s justified. This isn’t the Angel or Firefly brand of cancellation, where you’re 100% convinced the show was cut down in its prime. Heroes’ ratings have reflected its declining quality with pinpoint accuracy and as such, I wouldn’t be sad to see it go.

So, where did it all go wrong? Well, Heroes started out as the fun show with a cool premise – ordinary people get superpowers, let’s see how that affects their lives. Even my mum watched it, having outright refused to watch anything sci-fi in over twenty years, such was its commercial appeal.

Then, however, it became a mess of time-travelling, government conspiracies and side-switching. The show became unnecessarily convoluted and the clearly one-dimensional characters weren’t interesting enough to support these drawn-out, boring arcs. Zachary Quinto’s eyebrows lost their scariness. The world has moved on.

NBC unveils its schedule on Monday. We’ll find out more about Heroes then.