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Help Save Rhinos Now with World Of Animals

Find out how you can help support the Save Rhinos Now campaign

Help save magnificent creatures like these from extinction during Rhino Week

From Blade Runner to Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes, sci-fi cinema has a grand tradition of presenting scenarios regarding the extinction of various species. In the case of the rhino population, this prospect is in serious danger of becoming a reality.

In support of our sister magazine World Of Animals‘ Save Rhinos Now campaign, Monday 26th January will see the start of Rhino Week, aimed at raising awareness of the destruction of these majestic creatures due to illegal poaching.

With the Ol Pejeta sanctuary – the largest rhino sanctuary in East Africa – having suffered from a marked decrease in tourism revenue thanks to the recent Ebola outbreak, now is the time to help World Of Animals support the incredible work they do every day.

To participate and help prevent further atrocitities committed by the poachers, follow Rhino Week on Twitter at @WorldAnimalsMag #SaveRhinosNow on Monday 26 January.

For getting involved, there will be a prize a day during Rhino Week, including rhino sponsorship opportunities, Ol Pejeta goody bags, and even the chance to be a zookeeper for the day!

So to get behind this great cause and help ensure the future of one of the galaxy’s most impressive species, follow Rhino Week on Twitter at @WorldAnimalsMag #SaveRhinosNow on Monday 26 January.

Rhino WeekTo find out more about the work that the Ol Pejeta do, follow them on Twitter @OlPejeta. For more information about World Of Animals’ Rhino Week, visit the website. To donate to the Save Rhinos Now campaign, visit the Just Giving page here.