Hang out with Batman in November

DC Universe Online MMO coming later this year.

dc_scr_icnact_powergirl_004_r2Highly anticipated MMORPG DC Universe Online will debut on PlayStation 3 and PC in November. The game – which will allow all you comic book fans to create a superhero then hang out with Batman and company in their territories – features the art of superstar Jim Lee and the artists at WildStorm.

It’s an interesting project, no doubt designed to court players who aren’t terribly familiar with the world of MMO games. In DC Universe Online, players can interact with pretty much all the major names from DC Comics’ rich history, so it’ll be fascinating to see if that name recognition can carry it to WoW levels of financial success.

This isn’t the first superhero MMO – the most notable precedent for this sort of thing is NCSoft’s City Of Heroes, while Marvel was planning on releasing its own MMO before it was canned early in development. Still, DC Universe Online should give a good indicator as to whether having a powerful licence like DC Comics can make an MMO sink or swim. The game will be demoed at E3 later this month.