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Guillermo del Toro takes over The Haunted Mansion

Watch the teaser trailer here

A leaked trailer of Disney’s live action 3D reboot of the Haunted Mansion has found its way on the web. The exciting news is that the great Guillermo del Toro is behind the project, so let’s hope he gives us nightmares (in a nice way of course). The trailer doesn’t give much away, a menacing ghoul-like doorknocker complete with a cackling Vincent Price-style voice-over.

During the Disney panel at Comic Con, Guillermo del Toro was quick to dispel the horrors of the 2003 Eddie Murphy version. “We are not returning Eddie Murphy’s calls, and we are not making it a comedy… We are making it scary and fun, but the scary will be scary,” he said.

The director also told The Hollywood Reporter, “We want a scary movie that’s as scary as the ride. If you’re 11 years old, you can go on the ride but it’s still scary… Tonally we’re going to make a movie that is for families but is a fun and, at times, scary movie.”

The Haunted Mansion has a scheduled 2012 release.