Fringe: “Too Soon To Tell” If Season 4 Is The End

Season 5 not completely out of the question

It’s not necessarily the end for Fringe – not yet, anyway. In an interview with TV Line, Warner Bros TV president Peter Roth discussed the ratings-challenged drama, explaining that it’s “too soon to tell” whether should we anticipate this being the final year. Fringe’s ratings are  increasing a lot when recording and the like is factored in; this doesn’t matter to advertisers, of course, since any sensible person would skip the ads.

On Friday nights in the US, Fringe is regularly hitting series lows. Roth remains optimistic about the JJ Abrams drama, however. “This is a show on Friday nights that audiences love to DVR, and as such we shoot up anywhere from 40 to 63 percent, when you calculate the Live+7,” Roth told the site. “Hopefully that will be good enough for us to continue.”

Source: TV Line