Fright At The Proms all-nighter was clearly brilliant

Horror fans had a ball (lol) at Fright At The Proms on 29 September 2012

Fright At The Proms
Fright At The Proms
Horror fans at Midnight Movies’ awesome Fright At The Proms all-nighter

As we pointed out roughly a million times in the run up, 29 September 2012 was the blatantly bodacious Fright At The Proms all-nighter, where a host of horror fiends broke out the velour suits and corsages for Carrie, Prom Night, Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II and The Loved Ones.

According to our folk on the ground roughly 24 people survived the evening and saw dawn with a sarnie and a strong coffee, which is roughly 23 more survivors than in any of the films seen. Oh, and three lucky Prom Monarchs walked off with a load of horror goodies courtesy of ourselves!

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