Five great Lost death scenes

Five of the best. Take a look!

A lot of characters die on Lost. Like, loads. Too many! Since the death scenes tend to be handled well, however, here are five of the best for you to agree/disagree with. Oh, spoiler alert, obviously:


Mr Eko

Probably my favourite, Eko reaches an early end towards the start of season three when the Smoke Monster unfairly smashes him to death. Shame. I liked Eko.


At the end of season three, Charlie sacrifices himself in a rather elaborate underwater base incident. At least he managed to warn the others of impending trouble first.


Juliet is pulled into the island’s electromagnetic field by a rogue bit of debris. She goes out on a high, though: smashing a big bomb with a rock.


Ben, ever the campy supervillain, lets his daughter die at the hands of the island-invading maniacs hired by Charles Widmore. She’ll be back… in some form.


After Shannon was shot by Ana-Lucia, I’m not going to lie – I cheered. Shannon and Boone were Lost’s least interesting characters ever. She had it coming! Yeah, I said it…