Five alternative Indy V adventures

Bermuda Triangle not doing it for you?

indiana_jonesApparently, Indy V is on the way. Are we excited? Sure, why not. Leaked details of the new movie apparently suggest that Indy will reteam with Mutt Williams to tackle the Bermuda Triangle. If George Lucas doesn’t like that, however, here are some other ideas of where Indy could head on his next adventure:

Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis

Hey, why not adapt the classic LucasArts point-and-click videogame into the next Indy adventure? Its story is Lucas-approved, it’s already well thought of by the fan base… actually, it’s too good. Chuck it out and put a massive UFO in there instead.

Indiana Jones And The Staff Of Kings

Again based off a Lucas-approved storyline employed in a videogame, the Staff Of Kings was a dreadful Wii title, but the story – which took Indy across the globe, and even had him scrapping on the famous San Francisco cable cars – is ripe for cinematic treatment.

A prequel

Hey, people seem to have had it with the current iteration of Indy, judging by the mixed reaction to Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. Could a prequel, with a new cast, be a possibility at some point down the line? Probably not right now, but you never know.

A remake

Or, perhaps more controversially, a remake with an entirely new cast. Again, we’re not sure this would go down as a popular choice, but… hell, has that ever affected a Lucasfilm production in the past? Having said that, it’s probably less likely than anything else on this list. Including…

Indiana Jones And The Loch Ness Monster

Indy hunts down the legendary dinosaur/tourist trap with a native assistant, played by Billy Connolly. To avoid using CGI, Spielberg constructs the monster from tarp. All of this is made more bizarre by the return of Short Round, who has inexplicably joined the Scottish Tourist Board.