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Doctor Who ‘The Impossible Astronaut’ bullet point review

A series of flippant asides on the Season Six premier

  • River Song’s “I’m quite the screamer” single entendre made me do a sick on myself
  • The Doctor appearing to reciprocate it made me do a sick on myself
  • River Song’s continuing smugness made me try and do a sick on myself, but by then I had nothing left to give
  • The Greys In Black are possibly the scariest 6pm monsters since the Gentlemen in Buffy
  • It’s a bit odd to complain about time travel being used as a plot device in a show with time travel as a key premise but there’s rather a lot of Bill & Ted style prancing up and down the character’s timelines going on in the Matt Smith era – wasn’t the Tenth Doctor quite firm on this point?
  • Said plot device undermines the impact of [character name]’s death, which was touted from the heavens
  • The outbreaks of Saturday teatime, family friendly gurning and honking were occasionally at odds with the tone
  • Series six looks much ‘bigger’ than series five, hopefully we’ve seen the last of the storylines built around the prop cupboard and/or the need to sell toys
  • Karen Gillan was absolutely superb, her grief at the [unnamed cliffhanger event] was heartbreaking and raw
  • I want this bag

Bonus feature:

  • The Sarah Jane tribute which followed on CBBC was really lovely, they’ve handled the tricky issue of death for their young audience with great sensitivity