Constantine Season 1 on Amazon Prime ICYMI

Episode 1 snuck onto Amazon Instant Video over the weekend

Matt Ryan looking cool as John Constantine
Matt Ryan looking cool as John Constantine

We’ve been waiting for news on Constantine‘s UK air date for weeks now with no luck. But over the weekend, while no one was looking, Amazon Prime sneakily uploaded the season premiere.

The rest of the season is due to be uploaded exclusively to the instant video service a few hours after each episode airs in the US, so spoilers will pretty much be a non-existent problem for JC fans.

New episodes will land on the site every Saturday, and will be available to stream for free for every Amazon Instant Video customer.

Constantine is airing in the US every Friday on NBC. You can buy Hellblazer: Original Sins for £11.99 at Find out more about the comics that inspired the series with the 100 All-Time Greatest Comics Bookazine!