Chuck Season Five Preview

New issue of SciFiNow reveals all…

Chuck season four ended on a typically dramatic cliffhanger when Chuck best friend Morgan inadvertently downloaded the intersect, leaving us eagerly waiting for the next and final season.

“I don’t do any martial arts or anything like that, but my stunt man does so that will be good,” says Joshua Gomez who plays Morgan. “But I’m excited, it will be fun and it will be a challenge. I think it’s not going to change the dynamic too much. The show is still Chuck and is going to be based heavily around Chuck. This is just a new obstacle to be thrown at him, which is now that his friend has this thing in his head and he knows the pitfalls of that and he knows what his friend is in for, so there is obviously Chuck’s natural concern for his friend, and him coming to terms with his own abilities without the intersect.”

For more Chuck season five news, check out SciFiNow‘s huge TV preview section in the new issue, on sale Weds 28th September 2011.