China Miéville writes Dial H for DC Comics

Book launches in May, as DC announces revamped JSA, Batman Incorporated and the first New 52 cancellations

Sci-fi novelist China Miéville will write a new ongoing comic book for DC, starting this May. Dial H will be based loosely on the Sixties series Dial H For Hero, and will see the author creating new superhero characters. The concept of Dial H sees an ordinary man gaining extraordinary powers. Artwork will be provided by Mateus Santoluoco.

Meanwhile, Grant Morrison’s Batman epic roars back into life during the same month, as Batman Incorporated sees the Dark Knight face off against the all-encompassing villain Leviathan in the final year of the writer’s superb run, which started with the story Batman & Son all the way back in 2006. Chris Burnham provides the art.

Earth 2, written by Starman’s James Robinson with art by Nicola Scott, sees the JSA reborn in an alternate reality to the rest of the DC Universe. Three other books, G.I Combat, World’s Finest and teen book The Ravagers will also launch during the same month. Find more details here.

Meanwhile, the low-selling books O.M.A.C, Men Of War, Hawk & Dove, Static Shock, Mister Terrific and Blackhawks have all been canceled as part of the same announcement.