Blade anime trailer

Blade anime trailer brings the Marvel Comics antihero to the TV with Lost star Harold Perrineau in the Wesley Snipes role

Blade anime

Blade animeMarvel’s grim and scowling vampire hunter Blade will be appearing in his own anime series courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Madhouse Inc, who produced Ninja Scroll, (appropriately) Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Trigun and Death Note.

The companies previously collaborated on Japanese-friendly incarnations of the X-Men, Wolverine and Iron Man that were broadcast in 2011.

Beginning 13 January 2012 on US channell G4, Blade is a 12-part series that sees the half-vamp chase his nemesis Deacon Frost across Japan and South East Asia. Alas, Wesley Snipes, star of David S Goyer’s the Blade movie trilogy isn’t involved and Blade’s voice in the English dub is provided by Lost and The Matrix‘s Harold Perrineau.

Check out the trailer below: