Being Human Series 4 Episode 2 ‘Being Human 1955’ review

Being Human establishes its new players in a four-star second episode *SPOILER ALERT*

Being Human series 4 episode 2, Being Human 1955, aired on Feb 12th on BBC Three at 9pm.

4/5 stars

It’s only taken two episodes to usher the old cast to the ‘other side’ and establish a new order at Honolulu Heights. The second installment managed to cram in plenty of humour, mostly from Annie (Lenora Crichlow) and her commandments – “I need to add another one: don’t hide stakes in my shrubbery!” – and her holier-than-thou act as guardian of the ‘chosen one’. The improvised ceremony was a highlight, if a little similar to last week’s, with Annie faking Latin by quoting Star Wars, song lyrics and designer labels.

Tom (Michael Socha), as ever, is a joy to watch and the stark juxtaposition between his streetwise werewolf and Hal’s (Damien Molony) upper class vampire is going to be a great source of entertainment in the coming weeks. It’s somewhat of a relief that this relationship can really get going now that Leo and Pearl have crossed over. Thankfully, there’s only room for one spectral tea-making neurotic.

The vampire threat was pushed to the side of the jokes and banter this week, but we discover that both Cutler (Andrew Gower) and Fergus (Anthony Flanagan) survived last week’s massacre. They make an interesting pair, with Cutler holding a focus group of homeless people to gather their reactions to supernatural beings and becoming amusingly frustrated when Fergus slaughters them all. “We don’t need a vampire Peter Mendelssohn,” spits Fergus. “Did you mean ‘Mandelson’, or are you calling me a 19th Century German composer,” comes Cutler’s sneering retort.

No one’s the best of friends yet, with Annie acting more like a motherly figure to her new house guests and, more understandably, to baby Eve. However, there are glimpses of what’s to come with Hal saving Tom’s hairy hide in the pawnshop and Tom returning the favour when he holds Hal back from killing a human. It’s a mix that works and will surely silence any worries the fans had before the series started.

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