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Being Human: Fourth Series Confirmed

Creator Toby Whithouse speaks to SciFiNow about the finale

Following Sunday night’s show-shattering finale, the BBC has announced that Being Human will return for a fourth series in 2012.

[Spoilers ahead]

The next series will see Nina, George and Annie return to the B&B in Barry, after Mitchell fell prey to the wolf-shaped bullet.

SciFiNow spoke to creator Toby Whithouse about the decision to kill off the much-loved Irish vampire.

“Aidan (Turner) is going off to New Zealand, so sadly we’ve lost him … Aidan is such an extraordianry talent, and he’s very much a movie star, so we’ve always felt that we were borrowing him from the movie industry, and that there would come a time when he’d have to go. It’s not our choice obviously, but he’s destined for great things, so in many ways it was kind of inevitable.”

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