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Bane and Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises: don’t worry about it

Nolan cast Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway as the two characters, respectively – what can we take from this?

The same questions arise when casting announcements emerge, regarding superhero movies. “Can they do that in live action? Won’t that look terrible?” And so on. While in their comic book form, Bane and Catwoman (played by Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway respectively) initially seem like jarring additions to Christopher Nolan’s Batman universe in his third picture, The Dark Knight Rises, it’s important to remember how the director has tackled previous characters in this universe.

Nolan doesn’t simply do a straight transfer of the Batman lore – he finds ways to bring the Dark Knight’s rich rogues’ gallery into our world. Hence the Scarecrow’s S&M-esque mask in Batman Begins and psychological torture, or the Joker’s terrorist-like streak in The Dark Knight.

So, don’t expect Bane to simply be a steroid-infused, giant maniac who snaps Batman’s back on his knee. Nolan and screenwriter David Goyer have traditionally drawn upon elements of the DC Universe then added their own original character traits. The results have always been pleasing to both critics, unaware of the wider mythology, and fanboys who live by it.

All we can really take from the casting news is that two quality, of-the-moment stars have joined what will hopefully be a classic end to one of the best superhero adaptations ever committed to film. Let’s face it: there were doubters when The Dark Knight was in the casting stages. The quality of the 2008 smash speaks for itself.