Arrow on The CW: will DC Comics superheroes appear?

Arrow star Stephen Amell says ‘stay tuned’ for Smallville-style guest appearances

Arrow star Stephen Amell says that there’s a possibility of DC characters turning up in the show, but described the drama’s take on Oliver Queen as being “as real as possible”. When asked by IGN about DC character cameos, Amell seemed optimistic. “Stay tuned. I know that the people that are working on the show, they love comics. I know that Geoff Johns from DC Comics – he’s a great guy – he was up there [on set]. I think that he’s going to write an episode eventually.”

Johns, of course, wrote a number of Smallville’s DC-themed episodes, and oversees the company’s extensions into other media. “It would be unfortunate if, being a comic book show, we didn’t draw from all the characters in the DC Universe. I hope we do,” Amell added.

While Amell talks about realism being a focus of Arrow with an absence of superpowers, that seems like a missed opportunity to me. After all, surely the best thing about making a DC Comics show is being able to mine the publisher’s decades of history, rather than just having a bloke walk about with a bow-and-arrow in the real world? That’s how Smallville kept things interesting over ten seasons; let’s wait and see. Even if they’re not incorporating other DC characters right now, I bet they will someday.