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Advertorial: Quantum Chronicles

Advertisement for Anthony Fucilla’s Quantum Chronicles In The Eleventh Dimension.

413Q4fp8jDL._SS500_Read today’s leading scientists’ reviews of Anthony Fucilla’s first book Quantum Chronicles:

“Written in the traditions of the great Science Fiction Masters like Asimov, Fred Hoyle and Poul Anderson’’ – Professor Dr H Croca

“Quantum Chronicles In The Eleventh Dimension is a remarkable tour de force of science fiction with a very deep message’’ – Professor Lawrence Horwitz

“It is easy to see that these tales have been written by a philosopher who has thought long and deeply before putting pen to paper’’ – Jeremy Dunning Davies

“Unique, original, inspiring; new writings may be many, but such quality as this is rare. Let’s hope for many more to come from this emerging author’’ – P Stockley

A note from the author:

This book comprises of six short stories; the formula was simply to create a blend of futuristic tales, each with their own diverse flavour and twist. Throughout my childhood, I always had a passion for science fiction – it stimulated the mind and allowed my imagination to wander into the realm of impossibility. At this point I feel it is essential to establish that the stories are not based upon my beliefs, but are simply an expression of an artistic mind. Of all the six tales, ‘Molecular Alteration’ is the most challenging, as it relates to man’s deepest struggle from within: the ageing process. The story itself is purely science fiction, but contains elements of philosophy and theology. Why am I here? Where is my life journey taking me?

The journey of life takes us through various events, some we hold dear, and others we choose to forget. Is it plausible to believe that all of it is just a weird senseless journey into nothingness? Or at the end, is there a reason why? What is it that holds the universe of matter together and sets life into motion? If a man truly searches for such answers he will find. Our journey turns from senseless to meaningful and one that is filled with both happiness and peace, a peace which transcends human understanding.

His second book is due for release in 2011.

Meet Anthony Fucilla at his book signing, on 12 August 2010 at Waterstone’s Croydon Whitgift Centre, from 12-2pm and 5-8pm.

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