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Advertorial: Dark Bunny Tees


Have you ever imagined if Doc Brown had a sideline business in custom Deloreans, Power Loaders were readily available from your local hardware store and Gaff had opened up his own branch of Origami School ? What do reckon an advert for Ivo Shandor’s Architectural Services would look like, or if Dr. Hammond used his dino DNA to open up an exotic prehistoric pet store?

No? Well Dark Bunny Tees has and they are some of the the most unique and imaginative movie t-shirts available today.

Dark Bunny Tees gives birth to a new breed of movie t-shirt. Designed by freelance Illustrator and self-confessed movie nerd Alex Chenery, these are more than just movie company logos. These are quirky, clever, one-of-a-kind designs that pay homage some of the greatest movies ever made.

Not only that, but with limited Worldwide print runs of each design you are guaranteed to be wearing something special. Inciting envy from your movie buff friends and attracting ‘knowing’ nods from film fans in the street.

Each design oozes Alex’s passion for film, with numerous genius references that only true film fans with spot. From lessons being taught in both ‘Basic & City Speak’ at Gaff’s Origami School, to an accurate subway map and gang locations on the Warriors: Subway Gang Tours design.

Dark Bunny Tees was set up in September 2009, however Alex’s designs have already been worn on the I.T Crowd and Never Mind the Buzzcocks, had love from Jonathan Ross and Radio Ones James King and had high praise and regular recommendations from non other than the nerd done well himself, Simon Pegg.

Forget following the White Rabbit, it’s time to check out the Dark Bunny.

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This paid advert was written by Dark Bunny Tees, and not by SciFiNow staff.