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5 ways to watch your favourite Sci-fi show on the go

Keep up with your telly addictions on the move with these five devices

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Finding some free time for yourself is like gold dust these days. In between a busy working life, social schedule and all the little errands and chores you have to do, getting a few minutes to sit down and catch up on your favourite TV isn’t all that easy.

This is why you have to make those few precious moments count. Of course, with technology becoming more advanced—breaking the boundaries of what even early sci-fi predicted was possible—we now have devices that will allow us to watch TV on the go.

Whether this is dependent on a solid internet connection, or a device that accepts downloads, it is now possible to catch up on your favourite sci-fi shows in the most humble of locations.

Below we have a few devices that will give you the gift of TV when out and about.


If the tablet is a little too much to take on the commute, you can also catch up on some great TV with your smartphone.

Use either the iOS, Android, or other online media stores to download some top TV, or use great apps such as Netflix to stream the latest season to your phone.

There are also a range of apps from TV providers such as Sky, BBC, Channel 4, and ITV, meaning that you can watch anything from the last week or within the channel’s archives.


The tablet is becoming one of the most popular devices for consumers who want the relative power of a home computer on a portable device.

There is currently a range of extraordinary models on the market, including the Toshiba Excite Write; a tablet designed specifically to cater for business and personal use.

This particular model comes with a “digitizer pen” which can be used with the device’s “TruNote” handwriting application to enable you to make important notes that can be edited, shared and saved.

Now the work part is out of the way, we can focus on the play. The Excite Write is perfect for watching your favourite sci-fi shows on the commute to the office.

Plug in your headphones and download or stream TV shows direct to your tablet, and use the lengthy commute time for some vital viewing.


Is the smartphone too small and the table too big? You need a phablet my friend!

This device is becoming increasingly popular, as manufacturers are seeing increasing benefits of a phone and tablet hybrid.

Offering a slightly larger screen for the enjoyment of TV and the business applications of a tablet, alongside the functionality of a phone, you really get the best of both worlds.

And if you can access all the same apps and watch your favourite sci-fi shows on an ample sized screen, what’s not to like?

MP4 players

With the meteoric rise of smartphone devices, many may have forgotten about the humble MP4 players.

Although it’s perhaps unlikely that these will feature online connectivity, you can still download some great shows which you can then watch on the go.

And, of course, this means no buffering speeds and loading times as you already have the whole show on the device.

What’s more, using a dedicated device like this to watch TV on the go means you won’t drain the battery from your phone so quickly.


Although the little devices may be more practical, the laptop offers a bigger and better screen so you can get more immersed in your show.

If you’re on the commute to work in the morning, and you manage to snag a seat with some table space, get out your work laptop and watch some TV.

It might be through the disc drive, something perhaps not found on your smaller devices, or from a previous download or streaming.

Whatever it is, the laptop is still a great way to watch TV on the go, ensuring you never miss an episode again.

Content supplied by Toshiba