5 ways the Men In Black 3 trailer is the same as MIB1 and MIB2

A closer look at the latest Men In Black 3 trailer reveals more of the same from Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones

The new Men In Black 3 trailer released by Yahoo Movies feels very cosy and familiar. You could be forgiven for thinking it was an amalgamation of the two movies before it, rather than an entirely new movie costing a reported $215 million! Take a look at the evidence…

The trailer kicks off with a classic neuralyzer moment to make us all aware this is indeed another one of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones’ semi-annual reunions where they lark about with a pug. This time it’s a bunch of tourists who have just witnessed the results of flushing a fish down the toilet – it turns into a giant alien that is carted away by the MIB.

Is it a regular bemused chef? Of course not! Agent K whips off his trousers to reveal it’s another alien masquerading as a human. So far, so very typical of this franchise. And a bit Rush Hour 2 with some slapstick fighting in a Chinese restaurant.

There’s another secret that the universe is dying to tell us and, as ever, Agent K is at the center of it. History has been rewritten and, unlike last time around when he assumed civilian life as a postal worker, K doesn’t actually exist anymore. Agent J is so fond of K that he will now spend this movie trying to get him back… again.

Here he is! Re-cast as a (slightly) younger man… This is supposed to be back in 1969 though, shouldn’t he be a little more youthful than this? Suspending belief again – signature MIB.

The world is ending… humanity is at stake… it just doesn’t seem that urgent coming from Will Smith when he’s not in sombre I Am Legend mode with a dog and a shotgun, does it? At least you know what you’re getting with an MIB movie, and that’s much more of the same!