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SciFiNow brand values

Great stories, impeccable style and with a definitive voice, SciFiNow is both immensely rewarding for genre veterans and instantly accessible to new fans. Driven by a dedicated, fervent community that interact with the brand at every possible level, SciFiNow has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the booming cult entertainment sector. In an industry of blockbusters and groundbreaking effects, SciFiNow stands as a true champion of quality entertainment.

Brand values

  • Created by geeks, loved by fans
  • Passionate about all areas of sci-fi, be it film, TV or literature
  • The leading authority on retro sci-fi and fantasy
  • Definitive opinion, unmoved by hype

SciFiNow advertising opportunities

There are numerous ways to work with the SciFiNow brand. We would recommend a number or all of the following options for maximum exposure:

  • Website takeovers and premium sponsored positions
  • Sponsorship of the SciFiNow email newsletter
  • Display page advertising in the print and digital editions
  • Bookazine sponsorship
  • Creative options within the printed edition, including gatefolds, special cover processes, reverse cover positions and gift sponsorship

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SciFiNow audience profile

SciFiNow's key audience profile is 80% males, 20% female, aged 20-45 Its key target groups are:

SciFiNow attracts affluent, discerning consumers, investing early in the latest technology and the coolest new brands. They look to SciFiNow to guide them through their burgeoning fascination in genre entertainment.

Immensely loyal and heavy investors in their favourite brands, the Trekkies have followed SciFiNow since the beginning, identifying strongly with the brand, and are hyperactive online.

Voracious readers or industry professionals, The Hobbits are informed and aware literary enthusiasts who interact with the SciFiNow brand as a source of knowledge to curate their genre of choice.